1. HAIR REVIEW | 13x6 Preplucked AFFORDABLE Curly Wig ft Elva Hair

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  2. What is the best way to make a wig look natural?(2)

    What is the best way to make a wig look natural?(2)

    Many people wearing wigs for the first time worry that their wig will look unnatural and that others will know they are wearing a wig. However, this is not the case if you are buying a high quality wig, have the proper fit and take the time to care for your wig properly. Here are our top expert tips for making your wig look natural.

    Fit: Ensure that your wig fits properly

    When a wig is ill-fitting, it can move around on the head or pop up in the back. This will not only be uncomfortable, but it will not look natural. Our Wig Buying Guide features step-by-step instructions for measuring your head. Once you have your head measurements, you can shop for a wig in either a petite, average or large size depending on your measurements.

    If you purchase your wig and find that the fit isn't quite comfortable or slips slightly, you can try wearing a wig gripper or cushion gel headband underneath to help create a comfortable barrier between your head and the wig cap that will also keep it from sliding back.

    Cut: Have Your Wig Trimmed by a Stylist

    Just like with your natural hair, you can have a professional stylist trim your wig to create a look that best compliments your face shape. This will give you a unique, customized look that frames your face perfectly, which will make the style appear more natural. Thinning in strategic areas to compliment your face shape is also a good option. For the best results, have your stylist trim the wig while you are wearing it.

    Accessories: Wear Accessories as You Would in Your Own Hair

    Adding a bright scarf or headband to your wig can help it appear as if you are just accessorizing your natural hair. Strategically placing a headband or scarf around the front of the wig cap can also help to keep any of the wig cap from showing around the edges of the wig and help to keep the wig more securely in place on the head.

    Hair Fibers

    You may feel as if your wig is more like your own hair if you select a wig that can be heat styled. While you cannot use heated styling tools on regular synthetic wigs, you can use them on human hair wigs and heat friendly synthetic wigs. These fibers allow you to create a variety of looks. Changing up your look from day to day can help give the illusion that you are styling natural hair. Try experimenting with curling irons and hot rollers to give your wig body and curl, or use a flat iron to create a straight style.

    Consideration must be given to buying the highest quality product that you can afford. The hair fibers on budget wigs will be of lower quality, have a different hair texture and generally will appear more unnatural looking than a higher end product.

    Construction: Select a wig with premium construction features

    The type of wig cap that your wig features can make a big difference in how natural it looks. A wig with a monofilament cap will give the illusion of hair growth directly from the scalp and also allow the hair to be parted in multiple directions to give you styling versatility. Hand tied wigs allow for an even more natural look because the hairs are individually tied to the wig cap, allowing the hair to move more like your own hair would.

    A lace front wig cap gives you a nearly invisible looking hair line and allows you to wear the hair pushed back away from the face or behind the ears without the base of the wig showing. Choosing a wig with any one of these features will ensure a more natural look, while a wig with two or three of these features will look even more realistic.

    When shopping for a natural looking wig, look closely at the construction. The details make a difference.

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  3. What is the best way to make a wig look natural?(1)

    What is the best way to make a wig look natural?(1)

    There are 3 things that give a wig away. Lace, lumps and shine. The key to making a wig look natural is to minimize all 3 of them.


    People's eyes go straight for the part on your wig so you want to make sure 1. It matches your skin tone and 2. It's not lifting. These are 2 dead give aways that you're wearing a wig. Get a pressed powder or foundation (even an eyeshadow) that's as close to your natural scalp as possible and press it on the part (or any exposed lace) to add to the illusion of your scalp. Soft lace tends to lift and roll more than hard lace which lays flatter because of the stiffer material. If you don't have sensitive skin (and don't care about your edges) go for a hard lace wig. For soft lace you could glue it down or Bobby pin the sides of your wig down. My favorite cheat is throwing a headband over the lace to conceal it completely.


    Make sure your real hair is as flat as can be underneath. A lumpy part just screams wig. You want the wig to look like it's coming out of your scalp. Wig caps and head scarves can help to flatten your hair but ultimately it comes down to your choice of flat hairstyle. I recommend cornrows (stay in longer harder to take out) or flat twists (easy in but easy to come loose).


    Our hair has a natural shine when it's healthy. Depending on what type of wig you have (human vs. Synthetic) depends on if shine’ll be a problem or not. Typically quality human wigs have a nice natural shine. Right out the box they might be shiny but a good wash should fix that. If not it's most likely poor quality or a synthetic wig, but it can still be fixed. Synthetic wigs are typically shiner because of its unnatural source. Lately wig companies are getting better at mimicking human hair wigs but if you get a ridiculously shiny, one dry shampoo and translucent powder are your friends. Apply till its a more natural shine. A good medium is to not look too greasy but not look like you're craving moisture.

    Hope this helps!

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  4. How to Wash a Wig

    Everyone who often wearing a wig should know how to wash a wig, now let's start the topic with a few frequently asked questions.  Q. How often should I wash my wig? A. If you wear your wig every day, at least once a week is recommended. If you do not use often, wash after a few times use. Please do not store your wig without washing. If you do not wash your wig often, the hair will less smoothy, and thus will cuase the tangling. Q. Should I wash my wig with cold water or warm water? A. Everyone knows that we shouldn't wash our wig with hot water, but which degree is better? Our advice is warm water, the degree that you feel comfortable when you put your hands in.  Why not cold water? Because warm water helps remove the oil, makeup and so on. Q. Do you have any recommended products that I use to wash and condition my wig? A. Just use the products you like and with less chemical composition. Buy the shampoo and conditioner with the price you think it's acceptable and you feel like it's okay about the smell. Q. Will deep condition ruin my wig? A. That depends on the products you use, always choose the conditioners with less chemical composition. And here's the steps of washing a wig: 1. Detangle your hair with wide teeth comb from ends to root. 2. While holding the hair in your hands, gently wet with 77°F-86°F water, do not soak your hair. Once wet, apply a small amount of pure care hydra shampoo and distribute evenly throughout the hair using your fingers. 3. Rinse with 77°F-86°F warm water to remove shampoo. 4. Apply a small amount of pure care hydra conditioner and distribute evenly throughout hair using your fingers. For best results, use the pure care intensive recovery mask, as needed, for a deeper conditioning treatment, but this is not necessary for every time you wash your wig. 5. Rinse with 77°F-86°F warm water to remove conditioner. 6. Gently pat and press with a soft towel to remove excess water. DO NOT rub, squeeze, twist or wring hair. 7. Place on a folding stand and allow to air dry.  If you would like your hair to dry quicker, fold over your wig, blow the wig cap to prevent hair tangling, move your blower quickly to avoid blowing one place for a long time to burn the lace. When the lace is dry, place your wig back on a folding stand, wait till the hair totally dry. Tips: Do not brush your curls when washing. Towel dry and style it with your fingers to prevent frizz. If you have more questions, contact us by emailing to [email protected]
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  5. How to get Cheap Lace Wigs

    How to get Cheap Lace Wigs

    Lace is a very important part when making lace wigs. The good quality lace allow air through lace in addition creates natural-looking partings throughout the hair. All the lace front wig offers the next know-how relating to non-surgical hair changed a lot recent years. Carrying lace wigs is starting to become definitely recognized the latest heritage now. Women are typically driven versus fitness lace wigs. The whole set of movie stars hold popularized all the purposes of wigs in daily world. More and more women utilise wigs because of the hair-loss or alternatively getting older and because quite a few health issues. Wigs are suggested not likely and after that hide all the hair loss along with simply because the purpose of inclination or fashion.so it's better if we can get cheap lace wigs from factory directly.


    Elvahair Lace Front Wigs

    Lace front wig will be your nearest thing point for your personalized real hair or simply may change typically the hair. It’s most basic, the advantage of striking hair change technique attainable recently. Synthetic wigs are usually cost much less when compared to human hair wigs. Should you be actually serious about uncovering definitely inexpensive synthetic wigs there are some things that you will need to consider.

    Lace wigs are available in different types: the particular lace front wig and full lace wig.

    A new front lace wigs hold lace from the forehead crecte natural looks and become undetected. Make sure you know what varied types of wig will definitely cost as a way to get more specified. You can try to watch the normal specific different ways. People are to determine the status for your online shop.

    Human hair wig is considered the precise solution ones concerns. combined with hair wigs ones hair surface much larger in addition to more healthy.

    All of these days lots of people exploit short African American wigs to further improve their personal appearance.  Good quality cheap synthetic wigs maybe your favourite. You have to select wigs that appear just like your real hair, but yet you will choose the type that help you to save very much profit that you can afford.

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  6. How to Tame Frizzy Hair

    How to Tame Frizzy Hair

    Which is frizzy hair,you may personally have struggled with frizzy hair of your whole life,I know how upsetting and doubting in QP because when U was younger I did not know what was wrong with my hair and I did not know what to do with my hair to make it normal.I had a lot of friends had beautiful silky straight virgin hair and I just thought something is terribly wrong with me when I got older,I would go traveling any time,I was in human hair.

    Condition even if I straighten my hair,the hair just get poofy and frizzy.I do not know what to do what’s going on.Through years of trial and error research,trying different products and different things with my hair,I’ve learned how yo deal with the crazy mane and how to tame my frizzes,so I would sharing with you about how to tame frizzy hair

           Firstly you need to know what makes hair frizzy.if you hair is curly or wavy which normally dry naturally,dry hair is prone to frizzy hair now,you go outside and it’s humid what happens to your hair so your is dry the air is humid and it has a lot of moisture in it so it like sucks up the moisture from air and what happened to you here that you just blow dried or stray that it goes back to being frizzy poofythe hair is humanoid and have a lot of moisture in it,natural like you dud not do anything to it.that’s really happened today here when we are in humid conditions.That’s what causes frizzy hair.many hair experts say that blow drying using hot tools really creates a lot of frizz from the personally expedience,you know that my hair used to be frizzy when I was 10 and I had virgin untouched,no blow-drying no curling.If you do chemical straightening then will definitely create more frizz in your hair or if you bleach it here now why would that happen because bleaching or Kimly chemically straightening your hair makes hair more dry it sucks up more moisture from the hair,so naturally your hair is going to be more frizzy .I personalty has a Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment one of these when it just came off maybe three and a half years ago.you know that once the chemical treatments came out on my hair it became more frizzy more dry so I would not recommend it,so the just thing is learning how to treat the frizz,what to do and what not to do .

           If you have curly or wavy hair do not ever ever brush it when your hair is dry .Correct combing method is necessary and important to avoid  tangle and shedding. A good habit will keep you in the best condition both in the life and work. According to the instruction to comb till bottom to top step by step.When I come out of the shower I towel dry my hair very gently and then my hair is damp I just start brush it slowly from the bottom and slowly moving up ,when blow drying your hair with a round brush which is really important because there are hum brush really smooths the cuticles and makes the hair look smooth and shiny.Dry your hair thoroughly with a low-heat blow-dryer.Another important thing is stop feeding hair alcohol which mean look at most of your products just pick up the bottle and check if it have alcohol .Because  alcohol over dry,damage the hair and create the frizzy,Have your argon oil and the hair wax handy with,after the blow dry ,take a little bit of the oil run your finger though the hair,a little bit of the hair wax which would be look pretty nice!If you are stuck in a hair emergency,you can do just go grab some water,go through your hair with wet hand , the hair would become very smooth!~

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  7. How To Bleaching Knots

    How To Bleaching Knots

    I believe you all have heard about “bleach knots” when it comes to frontal, and lace Wigs. But what’s does that means?

    You may need an wig to cover the top of the scalp. However, there is a black knot when each strand is secured, that’ makes your wig looks not that normal. But bleaching it or lightening it will reduces their visibility, So in order to make your wig looks more natural as if it’s growning from your scalp, you need to bleached the knots on the wig.

    Bleaching knots could be very difficult if you don’t have any instruction, so today let we would like to do a simple tutorial to show you how to do it.

    To bleaching the knots. Here are the things you need to prepare:

    • Bleach
    • Developer (correct volume)
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Mixing Brush
    • Mixing Bowl
    • Your Frontal/Lace Wig

    Step 1

    Turn either your wig inside out and pin it down to a foam head. And if your wig has baby hairs, pin them down with clips to make sure they are out of the way.

    Step 2 

    Mix equal parts professional developer and bleach powder in a mixing bowl.  Be sure to stir thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency, or until there are no lumps in the bowl.

    Step 3

    With your mixing brush, dab the bleach onto the lace gently. If you put too much pressure onto the lace, the bleach mixture will leak through and bleach the hair. Make sure you apply enough bleach to the lace to ensure you are bleaching all of the knots. Once you’re done applying the bleach, cover the lace wig in the aluminum foil.

    Step 4

    Make sure you keep the bleach on until the knots on the wig aren’t noticeable anymore. Wait until the knots turn a honey blonde color then rinse the bleach out. This is very important because you want to wait until your wig becomes blonde, or you will have a brassy lace wig.

    Step 5

    Rinse the wig upside down quickly to avoid getting mixture onto the hair. After you rinse your wig out, wash it with a neutralizing shampoo to stop the chemical processing. Leave shampoo on closure for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse out.  Afterwards condition your closure to keep it from getting dried out.


    Key points:

    1. Do not over saturate your closure with bleach, as this could accidentally bleach the hair as well.
    2. Make sure you pick the correct developer volume – we recommend working with 20 to 30 volume.
    3. The bleach mixture needs to be really thick, not loose.
    4. Make sure all the baby hairs are brushed or pinned out of the way before you begin bleaching your closure.
    5. Make sure you apply enough bleach to cover all the knots on the lace.
    6. Leave the bleach on until your knots turn a honey blonde color then rinse the bleach out.
    7. Wash lace closure with a neutralizing shampoo to stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach.


    And that’s all of it, slay your closure in another way. Hope this tutorial would work perfect for you!

    If you have any other questions, tip or tricks you want to share, Please let us know. We ere always looking for new ways to create a better hair experience for you all.

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  8. How do you maintain deep wave hair?

    How do you maintain deep wave hair?

    Deep wave hair wigs are popular among woman. When you hang out with shiny deep wave hair wigs, I am sure that you may attract a lot of admiring glances. Hereby, we have some expert tips on how to maintain deep wave hair in daily life.

    Compared to Brazilian straight hair, deep wave hair cost you more time to take care of them. But you may get more than lost. Gorgeous deep wave hair just makes you look like a queen!

    Frizzy or dry hair make things become worse than it might seem. When your deep wave curls began to dry spray with, what you need to do is to water to calm down the hair. Moisture is the good friend of hair. And a good quality leave-in conditioner may be required for further maintenance. Good condition and shampoo allow your hair involves a small amount of frizz.

    Gently finger comb and style hair pattern after air dry. If you want your deep wave hair to be more defined, we recommend you to style curling pattern when the hair is 70% dry. Try to develop a good habit in daily life. It may give you an unbelievable surprise in following days parting from receiving nice hair from Brazilian hair wigs manufacturer--Elavhair.

    When sleeping at night, you can cover your hair with a satin bonnet. It does help to keep hair from a disorder. Or try to plait hair in the same direction, which conforms to your hair waves. Sleep with your hair in this braid for gentle waves the morning after. Very defined deep wave styles cannot only modify your face well but also add volume to natural hair easily.

    From the post, you may get the answer to keep your hair protected in daily life. We always want to have stunning good pattern hair, that is why we need to stay away from frizzy or dry hair

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  9. How To Get Good Looking For Brazilian Curly Hair

    How To Get Good Looking For Brazilian Curly Hair

    Brazilian Curly Hair is coarser than any other hair texture that we carry. It is big curly hair, you will need to wet it down daily and use a daily conditioner when worn in its natural state. So, as follow, you will learn how to make your Brazilian curly hair look good.

    Before you do anything, it is imperative that your Deep Wave Hair is properly detangled. Use a wide tooth comb or detangling brush on slightly damp hair and gently work through in sections from the tips to the root. Proper detangling will make everything from shampooing to styling significantly easier.

    Shampoo And Condition
    Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will help fight frizz, define the curls better, and keep them looking fresh and shiny much longer. Make sure to let the conditioner sit for a few minutes in order to help detangle those pesky snarls.

    If you find your curls in need of a mid-week boost, co-washing is a great way to bring Loose Deep Wave Hair back to life and infuse extra moisture. As you did with shampooing, be sure to work your conditioner of choice in with a downward motion, using your fingers to gently detangle.

    Deep Condition
    Your Brazilian virgin curly weave bundles need deep conditioning. Conditioner must be used on your weave so that hair moisturized. Unlike your real human hair, weaves and hair extensions cant seem to freeze natural moisture and oils created from the scalp. So to keep your weave its best, you need to pick a cold wash which uses cold water in support of conditioner.

    Don’t Blow Dry On High Heat
    To prevent dryness or frizz after wetting or washing, let the curly weave air dry naturally. Do not blow dry. If this is not an option for you then you can dry it on the ionic hair dryer that has an attached diffuser. Use a warm iron for smooth drying out of the curly hair while avoiding the robust strength provided by the common blow dryer. It will maintain the beautiful curl of your hair while avoiding frizziness.

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  10. How to Care for Straight Hair?

    How to Care for Straight Hair?

    Do you have straight hair? But your straight hair is so dry as hay. You admire others' smooth and silky hair but only find it is not easy for yourself to care for straight hair. If so, you can follow me to read the next content.

    Here are some care tips for regular straight hair. 

    1. Comb your hair and try to make your hair straight before washing your hair.

    2. Wash your hair thoroughly.

    3. Pour a quarter-size shampoo into your hand and rub your hands with your hands. Apply shampoo to your hair, scrub your scalp with your fingertips, and be careful not to make your hair too much (for example, pile your hair on top of your head).Hair should not be washed every day.Twice a week if you can.If your hair is oily, try not to scrub the scalp.This may lead to excessive production of oil.

    4. Smooth your hair. A good conditioner helps keep your hair healthy and it is easier to clean after washing.If you have dry hair, you need to use a moisturizing conditioner. However, if your hair is oily, you should use a basic conditioner at your end to prevent overuse.

    5. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair before taking a shower, then wash off the conditioner.

    6. Thoroughly clean the conditioner; be careful not to snarl both ends.

    7. Dry your hair with a towel and comb your hair again.

    8. Get hair stylist to trim your hair every four to six weeks to eliminate split ends.Straight hair is probably the most divisive hair and should be treated gently.

    Elva hair straight hair is soft and smooth. You can choose our straight hair wigs if you don't want to spend too much time with doing up your hair. It is at afforable price, welcome to choose.

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